If there is one sector that is constantly renewing, it is healthcare. Innovative developments follow at a rapid pace. Developments such as EPD (electronic patient file), home automation, chat with healthcare provider and artificial intelligence are just a small number of developments in the digital transformation that healthcare is undergoing. In the future, society’s expectations of rapid changes in healthcare will only increase. Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, big data, the internet of things (think of the increasing integration of biosensors, better known as smartwatches with pedometers, sleep registration systems and heart rate monitors) are developments that will change a lot in healthcare.

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At the same time, healthcare is also the sector that very often has to deal with cost savings, in particular due to the increase in healthcare that needs to be provided. Healthcare costs are rising and it is precisely then that it is difficult to invest in innovative developments.

Demand for more project management

In health organizations it is therefore crucial that the innovations that are implemented are implemented quickly and effectively. However, health care organizations have traditionally been set up to provide care and not to implement innovative developments quickly and effectively. Maturity in the field of project management is not particularly high in this sector. There are often good IT project managers within IT departments in the health care sector, but they are often overruled by emergency projects from those who with the most decibels call that another project has more priority.

In addition, healthcare organizations are increasingly confronted with limitations in budgets caused by the increasing growth of care that must be provided.

How can a PMO help?

Mojeo’s position is that the importance of effective project management must be greatly increased in order to facilitate acceleration in innovative developments. A professional project management organization (PMO) can support this. A PMO can help to: 

  1. Ensure that projects are always aligned with the organisation’s innovative strategy.

A PMO ensures a project intake and can issue a project score in relation to the strategic objectives of an organization. Projects with a higher strategic project score are given priority.  

  1. Bring and maintain focus on project productivity and progress.

A PMO supports the project manager and ensures that the productivity and progress of a project are continuously monitored. A PMO warns the project manager in the event of deviations in productivity and / or project progress.

  1. To bring transparency to the projects with the necessary communication and decision-making processes.

Keeping a project on track means offering transparency by drawing up and implementing a clear communication plan for the project. Decision moments are included in this communication plan. A PMO not only ensures the preparation and distribution of clear progress reports that meet the organization standard, but also facilitates project kick-off, project closure, and other important project decision moments.

  1. Strongly reduce the number of projects that failed.

By constantly keeping a finger on the pulse and offering all stakeholders the transparency that is required, the number of projects that fail will be greatly reduced. If projects have to be stopped, then it will be possible to detect this much earlier in the process.

  1. Reduce project costs.

A PMO can ‘unburden’ multiple project managers, standard tasks can be invested in a PMO that can save costs for project management activities.

  1. Keep the project time-to-market as short as possible.

Shorter follow-up of a project ensures a constant increased focus on the project, not only with the project manager but with all stakeholders. This contributes to the shortest possible time-to-market for the most important innovations.

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